Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dakka Dakka!

I've mentioned the Dakka Dakka website in a couple of previous posts, so I thought I better link to them properly. Dakka Dakka is mainly a web forum, similar in concept to Warseer, but it is far more controversial. Many forums are heavily moderated for aggressive antagonistic posts and in your face opinions but Dakka Dakka positively revels in this. That's why it divides opinion in the gaming community.

It's detractors would say that it is full of Rules As Written powergaming tournament players who wouldn't pee on a players background 'fluff' even if it was on fire. One particular sub-forum, you make the call, is renowned as a shark pit. Posters on Dakka Dakka are often referred to as 'the Dakka howler monkeys' by posters on other forums.

All that said, and there is a grain of truth in the above, I quite like Dakka Dakka. If I wanted a definitive rules answer from any forum on the web I would post the question on Dakka Dakka. Other forums, such as Warseer, would come back with answers based upon how the player feels, 'common sense,' and other largely irrelevant waffle. To my mind, if you ask a question you want it answered based on solid fact, Rules As Written, first. Then, when you understand what the rulebook actually says, you can try make sense of it in the context of the game. The no holds barred nature of the you make the call sub-forum actually helps this process, rather than hindering it. Much to the annoyance of many other forums, even GW has come around to this way of thinking.

Dakka Dakka is a much smaller forum than Warseer and this is both good and bad. The bad is that it is sometimes slow, with discussions turning over sluggishly and few new topics, but the upside is that the signal to noise ratio is usually better. I think many people miss the humour in a lot of posts there, even if the majority are rabidly anti GW.

So, if you're feeling brave, and keep your tongue firmly in your cheek, hop across the pond and check out Dakka Dakka.

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