Thursday, January 4, 2007

What's on the workbench?

Since I'm inviting you all into my little corner of the gaming world I thought you would like a look around.

Here is my desk. As you can see I didn't tidy it up for the photograph. You might be able to make out a cup of tea, lamps for lighting my photo's (but all the bulbs are knackered), my laptop, a radio, fan and my Newcastle United season ticket, as well as my gaming gear.

So what is on my cutting mat?

I'm currently painting up my Chaos chariot. All the model needs is some detailing on the horses' barding.

I'm particularly happy with the wooden parts which is a real shame as it's the bit of the model you won't see once the crew are in place.

I didn't like the old hunchback crew so I used two plastic Chaos Warrior models instead. I pinned the original metal whip onto the driver and fashioned a halberd from a standard bearer.

I'm also putting the other 10 Warriors together. I'm still not sure whether to add them to my existing unit of 12 to create one mega unit, or to paint them as a separate unit. In any case I've got a bit of construction left before I'm forced into a choice.

On an entirely unrelated note I am going to quote Glen Roeder from the Newcastle United v Manchester United match programme.
Now it is very important that we do not just run on the spot, for if you run on the spot you are going backwards. Rome wasn't built in a day, but in professional football you have to be seen to be moving forward.
If anyone has any idea what that means, please let me know!

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