Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Gaming resolutions

Once the building work on my house was complete I had to unpack all of my gaming gear into my shiny new gaming room. I realised just how much I had and how much I am never going to use again. Most of it is role playing stuff but I also have some old books and models.

This realisation has led to my two New Year resolutions:

  1. I have more models than sense. I also have more models than I will ever use. The ones I want to keep are lying around in boxes, unassembled and unpainted. My resolution is to start putting these armies together. I will get rid of the rest on e-bay.
  2. I can only build and paint my existing models if I inoculate myself against 'new army syndrome.' It goes like this. A new army is released. I say 'ooh' and 'aah' at all the funky new models. I convince myself I could fit the army into my existing 40k background. I sketch out a play style and convince myself I could make it work. I spunk £200 on the army. The time frame for all of this is 3.4 seconds. The next day I look at the pile of unopened boxes, calculate it will take about four months to complete the army, then quietly pack it away into a cupboard. Sometimes I weep at the inhumanity of it all. Then I get distracted by the next new army. My resolution is to only buy new models with the money I make from selling my old gear, otherwise I'll just use my existing models.
Tomorrow I'll post a gigantic list of all the models I own and need to build and paint.

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