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Kill-Team Severus

Another peek into the workings of the Skolarii Sector in this post. Today I shed a little light on the shady career of Inquisitor Lord Severus.

To: Lord Inquisitor Kepler, Ordo Malleus, Nemesis Tessera
Received: 999.M41
From: Inquisitor Mabus, Clearance Omicron
Message Format: Telepathic
Subject: Inquisitor Severus
Astropathic Duct: Skolarii
Priority: High
Thought for the Day: The loyal slave learns to love the lash

Kill-Team Severus
Honoured Inquisitor, I present my findings on the enigmatic Inquisitor Severus and his Kill-Team. No doubt you are already aware of his early career in the Skolarii Sector; rooting out covens and cults founded after the Chaos invasion some 600 years earlier. His record is exemplary and is extensively explored in numerous official histories (covering the illustrious Celebes campaign, the war of the Blue Storm Kabal and the Tau incursion on Nomolos). What is less known are his activities over the last forty decades.

His last official report to the Ordo was in 960.M41 following his destruction of the Vapparn Coven on Saudade. After lengthy investigations Severus travelled to Khazalin, a planet declared purgatos by the Inquisition during the original Chaos Incursion of 333.M41. Subsequent events are sketchy.

In 967.M41 Severus was sighted on Insolitus. This medieval world is home to numerous martial and death cults and it’s loyalty to the Imperium is questionable. Inquisitor Severus’ movements are unknown.

The trail is picked up again during the War of Succession in Sub Sector Four. The world of Meridium seceded from the Empire of Man in 974.M41 and declared war on the neighbouring planet Arctos. Confused reports suggest that a man matching Severus’ description fanned the flames of rebellion on Meridium and that Inquisitor Severus led the spirited Imperial defence of Arctos.

Since 974.M41 there have been a handful of scattered sightings of Severus throughout the Skolarii Sector. Most describe the presence of two powerful psykers or daemons laying waste to friend and foe alike. Are they perhaps linked to the denizens of Arctos who all carry a stable psychic mutation?

In 982.M41 Severus arrived from nowhere at the Schola Progenium on Klasa and using his Inquisitorial authority, commandeered 100 of the most promising Storm Troopers into his keep. In later engagements they have been seen fighting by his side.

Finally, after a long silent period, a ship using his identification codes left the Tibe system in 998.M41. Its destination was believed to be Lelithar.

Inquisitor Severus is known to have a small but fanatically loyal retinue. Interrogator Lynch is known to have followed Severus for over five decades, while Explicator Keller was recruited relatively recently from the world of Insolitus. When Severus slew the Astropathic Choir of Meridium he spared two Seers and persuaded them to join his entourage; their skills were a valuable asset. Finally there is Combat Servitor Meritricius. Severus captured this heretic on Saudade and skinned him alive in order to uncover the machinations of the Vapparn coven. Unfortunately for Meritricius he survived and Severus found a use for the raving insane repentant on the battlefield.

It would seem that Inquisitor Severus has taken advantage of the unique psychic abilities of the inhabitants of Arctos in the creation of these two Daemonhosts. Unsubstantiated reports suggest that the Massacre of Tremix Hive may have been linked. It has been suggested that if a suitable vessel is prepared, it can capture the departing souls of people who die before they reach the warp. Timing is critical and the souls must be released from their bodies at precisely the same moment. Was Severus responsible for the deaths of over 700 loyal Imperial citizens in the creation of these monstrosities?

Death Cult Assassins
Almost certainly recruited from Insolitus during Severus’ visit there in 967.M41, these three shadowy figures seem to belong to the Cult of the Weeping Wound. Their names are unrecorded.

The Schola Progenium on Klasa has produced Stormtroopers for armies of the Imperial Guard all over the Skolarii sector. Their dour demeanour and unrelenting devotion to duty has earned them the nickname ‘Tallymen’ in the Sector. Their armour and equipment often sports kill markings; earned as they methodically destroy their enemies.

It is my belief that at the very least Severus is acting dangerously beyond his remit; at worst he is a heretic working against the Imperium. He should be declared Excommunicatus and brought to Nemesis Tessera for interrogation immediately.

Your faithful servant, Mabus.

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