Monday, January 1, 2007

New adventures in gaming


Welcome to my first blog post.

As it is January 1st it seems appropriate to start with a look back over the last year. My home life has been about as peaceful as Pete Docherty's. I spent a wonderful three months living with builders, washing dishes in the bath and eating brick dust with every meal. It puts hairs on your chest.

I also got a new job which meant a lot of overtime. Deep joy.

All this upheaval has severely reduced my gaming time. I have only painted a handful of models all year and as a result I went back to 'refresh' my old Exigators Chaos Space Marines rather than muster a new 40k army. I played them sporadically, largely against my regular gaming buddy Gary, and while they were less than inspiring on an aesthetic level I did win a lot of games with them. I learned the sheer power of Obliterators and even got to duff things up in combat with my Daemon Prince and Daemons. In fact I came over so bloodthirsty I even started eating my steaks rare. The Exigators only let me down at the 40k grand tournament heat 2 where I finished 96th from 150 players. They were too static in a mobile firepower environment and their need for aggressive deployment to summon daemons meant they bled victory points in every game.

At the beginning of the year Gary and I finally completed our Bloodbowl season. Although it felt like a hard slog at times it was hugely enjoyable. I went undefeated in the regular season with my human team, the Wolfenburg Shadows, only to be knocked out in the first semi final. The Old Albion League title was won by the Skin Flayers, an undead team who really showed their ability over a long season. For the first season ever, Gary's Chaos team failed to make the knock-outs.

Following the grand tournament in November I was all 40ked out and wanted a break. With great timing, in strode Warhammer Fantasy 7th edition. In a sudden epiphany I realised that I had never, ever painted a dragon in my entire hobby 'career' and that I had to do it.


So Gary and I began to play Warhammer. He chose Dark Elves while I picked Chaos. I figured they were a small elite army, and therefore I'd have few models to buy, build and paint, and that I could include a stonkingly hard dragon. We're currently halfway through a series of escalating points value games. We started at 500pts and are increasing the points value by 250pts every two weeks. The aim is to stop once we reach 2000pts.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be back tomorrow with my plans and resolutions for the coming year.

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