Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Flee this!

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday because I was out playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle with my Horde of Chaos. At 750 points it's hardly a horde, but I still managed to trip my units over each other as Gary's Dark Elves ran rings around me. I stranded my newly painted chariot in front of my Warriors, preventing them from marching forward and those f***ing Dark Riders were getting right on my wick as they baited my units only to flee the charge.

Things seemed to turn around for me in turn four when I eventually got to charge with every one of my units. Gary fled with the Hydra and only ran 5" so my chariot slaughtered it as it blundered around. The Dark Riders only managed a pathetic 5" too and I chopped them to pieces with glee.

I thought I had the other flank sewn up as my Aspiring Champion and Sorceror charged into the combat with Gary's general and my Knights, but through a series of challenges and poor dice rolls I got mullered.

The Dark Eldar spearmen slapped my Warriors about a bit and ran them down, but their pursuit didn't quite take them out of my chariots charge range. It mowed down seven of them but the Druchii held. Meanwhile my Warhounds killed Gary's sorceress.

I thought the result would be a draw but the capture of my two standards swung it in Gary's favour. Ho hum.

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