Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Absolute Chaos

Brimstone on the Warseer 40k rumour roundup forum has posted the following information regarding the new Chaos Space Marines codex:

This is a collection of Chaos Marine rumours, these are rumours NOT facts, if you want facts wait for the codex.

I’ll be adding to it as more information becomes available and is not a complete list of codex contents.

Daemon Prince (can be winged but no daemonic speed) cannot be instakilled.
Chaos Lord (highly impressive new multipart plastic kit to be released)
Chaos Sorcerer (force weapon as standard).

N.B. No restricted units i.e. the Ancient enemies rule is gone.

These are all individual entries.


Possessed Chaos Space Marines (New models on the way which are a vast improvement on the more recent ones)
Dreadnoughts (still frenzy)
Veterans (only unit that can infiltrate)
Terminators – Can be marked (new plastic kit, reasonably impressive but not that different from Imperial versions), points brought into line with Imperial Terminators.

Troops – All troops come with bolter, bolt pistol CC weapon and grenades as standard.
Chaos Marines – Can be marked
Cult Marines
Khorne Bezerkers (lose their Khornate Chain axes).
Plague Marines (lose their plague weapons but keep blight grenades)
Noise Marines (retain their options for sonic weaponary but may be more restricted, Doom caster is AP3).
Thousand Sons (Power armour save / 4+ Invul save) and bolters with inferno bolts (AP3)

Fast Attack

Raptors – Can be marked (new champion model on the way) no 0-1 restriction.
Bikes – Can be marked

Heavy Support

Obliterators – Can be marked, S and T reduced to 4, no 0-1 restriction.
Defiler – Loses indirect fire option but can be given a CC upgrade.
Vindicator (New plastic model for release).

Misc Rumours
Codex follows the DA/Eldar format.
No books of Chaos in the codex.
Daemons (greater/lesser) have generic stat lines (will be expanded upon in a Daemon/LatD codex).
New unit – Chaos Spawn (1-3 cannot be split)
No basilisk option in the codex.
Wargear highly restricted – Daemonic gifts are gone, options are all given in unit entries.
Daemon weapons standardised – power weapon 1D6 attacks (if you roll a one you take a wound), can be upgraded with power specific options i.e. Khorne gives 2D6 attacks.
Any unit can be marked to the Chaos gods in the form of a Icon, marks are as follows – Khorne (+1A), Nurgle (+1T), Slaanesh (+1I), Tzeentch (+1 to invul save (max 2+) if already present or gives a basic 5+ invul save).
Recut CSM sprue.
Special characters – All survive and now include Huron Blackheart (model due for release) Ahriman has all chaos psychic powers and a force weapon as standard.

Interesting stuff. I can see some players complaining that the codex has been dumbed down because it has lost some options, especially in the wargear section, but how many people actually took a wide range of wargear. In my experience most gamers took Daemonic Speed, Dreadaxe/Darkblade chose between a handful of other combat upgrades. 80% of the choices were never taken.

I don't confuse complexity and depth of gameplay, and if the codex ends up balanced (in that it has a number of viable options) then I'll be happy.

I'm really tempted to continue with my Exigators for another tournament season to take advantage of the new codex.

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