Sunday, April 8, 2007

I've got the bit between my teeth

I have another couple of photo's for you today. I've been putting the finishing touches to my Daemonic Mount (it's a surprisingly detailed model). This time around I painted the straps and leather bits. I started with Scorched Brown then mixed in some Bubonic Brown to highlight the edges.

You might also be able to spot a flash of colour. I painted the lining of the fur Liche Purple with Tentacle Pink highlights. This will also be the colour of the Exalted's cloak. The rationale for this is that each tribe wears it's own colours but upon elevation into Sigurt's inner council the tribal chieftains are required to exchange their own colours for the regal purple which the king wears.

I now need to paint the fiddly little details such as the metal bridle, the teeth and the eyes. Then I have the task of breaking the beast from his base and putting him on the proper lava base. I can't wait.

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