Saturday, April 7, 2007

The taint of Chaos

With the two bank holidays because of Easter I have four consecutive days off work. I'm hopeful I'll be able to squeeze in enough painting time to finish my army general.

Having finished the flesh but found it too light I washed it with a Brown/Black ink mix. I then decided to tackle the mane and other hair on the mount. I overbrushed Shadow Grey onto the black undercoat and then drybrushed Space Wolf Grey over the top. A Blue/Black ink wash tied it all together.

I went with the different greys to make the hair stand out but I wasn't sure how it would turn out - I didn't want the beast to overpower the rider. In the end I'm really happy with the result.

I felt like the model was really starting to come together but there were so many more fiddly bits to complete. I tackled the spiky growths next. I got out my smallest brushes and actually tried out a new technique; wet blending. I mixed some watery Codex Grey with Scab Red and also had plain watery Scab Red on my palette. I painted the Scab Red around each spike first and then feathered it out with the grey/red mix. It was painstaking work, mainly due to the number of spikes and their small size, but the effect was worth it.

I'm not sure how my efforts look onscreen with my rough and ready photography but the model itself looks pretty good. I went around the raised areas with small dots of Blood Red just to 'pop' the sprouting spikes. I hope the effect is subtle enough and plays down the Daemonic influence of the model - I want to keep the Chaos elements in my army to a minimum.

I painted the spikes themselves Dark Angels Green with Snot Green highlights and then washed them with Orc Flesh wash with a hint of Brown ink. This ties them in with the spikes on the base.

I'm so close to finishing the beast now - all I have left to do is paint the leather straps and metal buckles and black line the model. Then I can turn my attention to the rider.

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