Sunday, April 22, 2007

Get there fastest with the mostest

Following my completion of the Exalted on Daemonic Mount my attention has now turned to the last 500 points of my army. The natural unit choices are Marauders, both on foot and on horseback. A unit of each would mean I would own every single core mortal choice in the list. This would be a good thing, I think, because I would have a wide variety of units to play and practice with. It's maybe not the best choice in pure competitive terms, and it plays into the Dark Elves hands to a certain degree because they will be excellent targets for those wicked bolts and arrows, but it will help me to learn the Warhammer game by including a broader range of units.

The Horsemen will add light cavalry to my force. Having seen the Elven Dark Riders run rings around me in previous games, it might be nice to give the Druchii some of their own medicine.

Similarly, the Marauders will give me another dimension; fully ranked infantry. Coming in at just 6 points per model I can get a unit of 25 for well under 200 points. These guys should thicken out my army nicely.

Another source of cheap units is War Hounds. I had always meant to add more of these doggies to my army but their sheer cost put me off. The models are lovely, easy to paint, and the cheapness of the unit in the game, along with their sheer utility, are only rivalled by the fact that they cost almost £1 per point. 5 Knights may cost £25 but at least they gobble up nigh on 300 points of my army.

So, after reviewing my finances I have spent some cash. I've invested in 5 Marauder horse and four War hounds. That comes to £39. Other deductions are my e-bay fees which are £3.68. On the plus side I've managed to sell something on e-bay for a whopping £0.99.

So my new model fund now looks like this:
  • Total income from sales (and my penny jar) £61.98
  • Less selling fees (so far) £8.28
  • Less models bought £59.00
  • New model fund -£5.30
Oops. How did that happen?

I really need to dig out some more stuff and list it on e-bay to generate more income. Not only that but I need a further £36 to buy two boxes of Marauders for that ranked up unit.

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