Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A horse, a horse...

Tuesdays are my regular gaming night. I couldn't play last night, so I stayed in and painted instead. Since I had a good hour or two I decided to tackle the flesh of the Daemonic Mount. I knew I wanted a grey colour - close to a natural horse colour with just a hint of Chaos corruption (in keeping with the rest of my not so fantastical horde of Chaos). After some deliberation I used Codex Grey as the main colour, mixed with a little Bestial Brown. I hoped this reddy brown would add some warmth to the beast. Here is the first covering - with some Chaos Black to darken it.

I left the Chaos Black undercoat showing in the deepest recesses. For the next layer I used straight Codex Grey with Bestial Brown. I didn't quite cover as much area as previously which helped to give some depth to the model.

The model was looking a little too mundane for my taste so I decided to paint some texture over the most prominent parts of the horse. I was trying to convey corded muscle or flayed flesh, just a hint that this wasn't a normal mount. I used some Fortress Grey with the Codex Grey/Bestial Brown combination. I was quite pleased with the result.

My only concern is whether the model is now too light. I may go over it with a Black/Brown ink wash to tie the layers together and tone it down.

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