Sunday, April 1, 2007

The bad, the worse and the ugly

I've had a terrible weekend.

First Newcastle get beat at home by Man City. It was so bad that a Newcastle fan ripped up his season ticket and threw it on the pitch. Then my girlfriend's mum's computer died, and because I'm the only vaguely computer literate family member, I had the job of trying to fix it. After two days of fruitless rooting around the guts of the computer and trawling the 'net for solutions I had to reformat the hard drive and re-install the operating system. Wonderful.

All this has meant I have had very little time for gaming activities. This is frustrating because I am within spitting distance of getting my Horde of Chaos up to 2000 points. I had hoped to finish off my Exalted on Daemonic Mount but I have only managed to get the chainmail and armour painted.

I drybrushed the chainmail with Boltgun Metal, followed by a lighter drybrush of Chainmail then a final drybrush of Mitril Silver. I washed the mail with Black Ink.

The rider's armour was a little more complicated. I started with a Tin Bitz basecoat, then a layer of Brazen Brass. I edged everything with Burnished Gold and then fine-lined Mithril Silver on the hard edges. To tie everything together I washed Chestnut Ink over the lot. Finally I brushed some Brown Ink into the recesses.

My next task is to tackle the mane.

To pull myself out of my abject funk I went and bought some reinforcements from Games Workshop. I had made some money on e-bay so I splashed out on some Marauder cavalry and some extra War hounds. I'm hoping I'll get some gaming time over the Easter weekend to put these models together and get them on the battlefield.

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