Monday, April 16, 2007

The Saga of Sigurt Volsung part two

Following my last battle I had three more verses of The Saga of Sigurt Volsung to write up. Those of a nervous disposition and those with an aversion to bad poetry should look away now.

The armies opposed across the Ford of Arnod,
dark riders were cornered and flung to the stony ground.
The Banner of Wrath spat forth it's venom,
and the Lordling Elf died an ignoble death.

The cowardly Elves hid behind rock and bush,
our brave warriors showed them the virtue of honour.
Daemonic furies breathed down their neck,
but the Gods struck down Angur Boda for his dark pact.

The Druchii darkened the skies with bolts,
while hounds and furies were slaughtered.
Kurgan Knights swept the flank,
and the Dark Elves were pushed back to the sea.

Okay, back to painting my army...

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