Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Done at last, done at last...thank God almighty, done at last!

I'm glad to see the back of this model.

I've finally finished my Exalted on his Daemonic Mount (well, to tabletop standard at least). The mount took far longer than I expected but the rider was relatively simple to complete. He only had a few different areas and textures; the armour, fur, skulls, cloak and axe.

The only thing I haven't covered so far in this painting log is the purple cloak. I gave it a base coat of Liche Purple. Normally I'd highlight up from this, but it seemed a little bright so I mixed in Chaos Black and painted this dark purple into the deepest folds. I then mixed some Liche Purple and Tentacle Pink for the highlights. To tie it all together I glazed it with Purple Ink (from an extremely old paint set - it's actually in a dropper).

Above is a close-up of the axe. I painted the wood Scorched Brown and then painted very fine Snakebite Leather grain all over it. Brown and Chestnut ink washes tied it all together.

I'm very happy with the result so far. Some parts are a little rough around the edges (the ink wash on the axe for instance) and I'll go back and tidy these up at a later date. I also need to paint some extra special tartan on his cloak.The main thing for now is that he is table top ready.
I just know he is going to die horribly...

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