Saturday, September 8, 2007

ARMY BUILDING: Renegades at Games Day

I have transferred another Warhammer battle report over to my dedicated blog and you can (re)read it here.

Meanwhile, I have been looking at my Chaos Renegade list to see what I want to buy for it down at Games Day. I certainly want to get my paws on a Baneblade, which will be the centrepiece for the army in Apocalypse and Forgeworld scenarios, but most of the core list should be usable in regular 40k games.

My first scan of the list told me that I'd need 72 of the Forgeworld torso conversion kits with the renegade weapons. I already have 20 of these so I'd need a further 52 which would set me back about £90. I would also need at least 3 more assault weapon packs which would be another £27. So that is £117 in total just for the renegade bits.

In order to turn them into full models I'd also require the Cadian plastics. The battleforce sets would give me 40 infantry, 3 heavy weapon teams and a Leman Russ, so two of these would be ideal. That's £100. Then I'd need two more boxes of infantry at £36, two Hellhounds at £50 and two Sentinels at £30.

That comes to £333. Yikes. And that is just for the basic 1500 point army. The forgeworld extras like the Baneblade (£60), rogue psykers (£9), Enforcers (£12), Ogryn berserkers (£55), etched symbols (£8) and vehicle crew (£36 for four vehicles) would push the total up over £500.

No, there's no way I can afford to drop that sort of cash all in one go. Hell, there's no way I could even carry that much stuff!

So my idea is to buy just enough stuff to complete a combat patrol force, along with the Baneblade (because it will be brand new) and the Apocalypse stuff. At least I'll be able to start playing games when I have this portion painted. I'll just buy the Forgeworld only stuff for the renegades and then buy the extra Cadian bits at my local store later.

So, here is my Chaos Renegade Militia combat patrol army.

Infantry platoon
Junior Officer 2 flamer
Infantry squad lascannon, plasma gun
Infantry squad lascannon, plasma gun

Fire Support w/ 3 autocannon

Sentinel w/ autocannon

Sanctioned psyker (just because I had the points spare)

So, I'll pick up the following at Games Day:
  • 10 more torsos and renegade weapons
  • Sanctioned psyker
Adding these to the stuff I already have and then buying the Cadian extras I should be well on my way. It just means I have to spend around £200 at Games Day.

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