Friday, September 14, 2007

NEWS: Is this a Thunderbolt I see before me?

I couldn't post yesterday because I went out to the theatre straight after work to see Macbeth as part of my ongoing birthday celebrations. So I still haven't managed any more work on my Blood Angel tactical marines, although they are plaintively staring back at me from my desk as I write this. Tomorrow my pretties.

I did manage to finish Double Eagle in my lunch break, though. The book has only gone up in my estimation since first read it. Sure, some people have complained about the repetitive nature of the action but I think Abnett actually managed to negate much of this by creating a multi-strand narrative following a number of characters that we can care about. Anyway, I'll post up a synopsis and review in the near future.

I just got the latest Forge World newsletter. It has some nifty new stuff, especially regarding Aeronautica Imperialis. There are some sample pages from the new book, Tactica Aeronautica, and some new models in the form of an Imperial airbase. The airbase looks especially sweet. I got all excited reading Double Eagle when a secret Imperial forward airbase is described and is attacked by Blood Pact troopers. I thought this would make a great 40k themed table. Now I could have a stab at it in Epic scale.

Forge World have also revealed a Games Day only model. I will absolutely HAVE to acquire this because it is an Ogryn berserker for the Chaos Renegade Miltia. Beautiful is not the word.

Okey dokey, I have to get off to work now. See you all tomorrow.

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