Friday, September 21, 2007

MODELLING: Heavy metal

Many apologies for my sudden absence of the past three days or so. I have switched ISP's and work/real life issues meant I couldn't get everything set up until today.

Anyhoo, the enforced blogging break has meant that I have had a bit of painting time for my Blood Angels. It has been a long, long time since I painted any of these blighters so I literally didn't know where to start. A new development since my previous painting exploits (about six or seven years ago I reckon) are the Foundation paints. White Dwarf (UK issue 328) had a painting article showing how Mechrite Red could be used as a base for Blood Angels. I thought I'd give it a go.

First I had to prime the models black (I used GW's Chaos Black spray). Then I drybrushed everything on the model(!) Boltgun Metal. In a small deviation from the WD article I then washed each model with Black Ink. The Boltgun Metal just seemed too heavy and obvious. Too much paint on the brush I reckon. Once that had dried I drybrushed the models lightly with Mithril Silver.

I decided to use more of the Foundation paints on the bases. I wanted a cool toned brown to contrast with the warm reds on the Space Marines so I chose Khemri Brown. The coverage was fantastic, even over a black undercoat.

Here is the result.

The next stage is the most laborious as it involves painting on the Mechrite Red. I'll tackle that this afternoon.

If you've been following my Warhammer battle reports you can see the next instalment here. It is the second battle in my Nemesis Crown campaign.

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