Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MODELLING: Further Blood Angels reinforcements

Hurrah! I've managed to finish the last five marines in my second Tactical squad. As you can see they include some Chaos space marine components but still look like Imperial marines.

I had originally put a Chaos space marine head on the veteran sergeant but it was too much, so I removed it in favour of a regular marine helmet.

Now that I have all twenty basic marines constructed I need to add the little details like frag and krak grenades, combat knives and ammo pouches. This will go a long way to disguising the MaCragge marines and help make all the models look like real soldiers in the field. The last stage after that will be the basing.

I'm rattling through Double Eagle and have even started noting down plane names for future Imperial Navy fighter models. How does Killer Instinct, Crushing Blow, Call Sign Alpha and Interdictor sound? Willpower fading...

I won't be posting much over the next few days. I'm pulling a six day week at work and I'm out for my birthday and two nights at the theatre. I'll try and squeeze stuff in when I can.

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