Sunday, September 16, 2007

MODELLING: Frag grenades are so in this season

I spent a couple of hours clipping off all those fiddly little extras from my Tactical squad sprues and attaching them to my twenty marines this morning. You know, frag and krak grenades, purity seals, ammo pouches, knives, etc. I used every little bit, partly to disguise the Battle for MaCragge single pose models, and partly to represent a bunch of marines on patrol and laden down with kit. I intend to paint the models with slightly tarnished and battered armour to reinforce this feeling. My Blood Angels haven't just turned out on the parade ground but neither have they just finished a gruelling campaign. My guys have just set out and maybe fought a couple of actions. Anyway, enough of the justifications, here are the models.

I know I need special and heavy weapons to really complete the squads but I'm going to base up what I have and get a start on painting them. At my painting speed, twenty marines will take quite some time to complete and then I can pick up more models later.

I have an additional reason to get a crack on as the new Chaos Space Marine codex has been released. My main opponent is Gary and his primary army is Chaos Space Marines. He is legendarily fast at putting together armies and I'm sure he will reconfigure his Chaos army very swiftly. I'd love to oppose him with my Blood Angels.

I went into my local GW store yesterday to pick up a copy of the new Chaos Space Marines codex for myself and was told that the Gamers edition of Apocalypse (with the backpack) would not be available at Games Day. Nor would the Baneblade. In fact I was told that all of the UK Gamer's Apocalypse packs have been sold and that GW UK are now dipping into the US's supplies.

I decided to mail order both the Baneblade and Apocalypse just in case this is correct. If not I'll buy what I can on the day then cancel my orders.

That's me for now, I'll be back tomorrow with the based marines and maybe the synopsis of Double Eagle.

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