Monday, September 10, 2007

GENERAL: Just a quickie

Here's another Warhammer battle report between my Hordes of Chaos and Gary's Dark Elves.

No progress on my Blood Angels I'm afraid as I've been out and about all day and only just got back home. I'm planning to finish them tomorrow night when I should get a couple of free hours.

Meanwhile, I started to re-read Double Eagle today. I'm already up to page 90. I'd forgotten how fast paced and gripping it is. I'm not really sure why I picked this book up again but it surely spells trouble. I just know it will excite me in all things aeronautical and Forgeworld has this product called Aeronautica Imperialis...and it has a new expansion out which will be on advance sale at Games Day...and I'm going to Games Day a week on Sunday. Willpower fading...fading...rising...fading...fading...

Whatever happens I'll post a review up on this blog once I finish the book.

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