Saturday, October 13, 2007

APOCALYPSE: The big delivery

After an inordinate amount of time spent faffing on with DHL I managed to take delivery of my Apocalypse stuff yesterday. Not much point advance ordering it then.

Typically, Games Workshop have screwed up the order, so I'll have to get on the phone to them to sort it out. I hope they'll tell me to keep the extra stuff, as they have done in the past, but I think it's unlikely. I had originally ordered the gamers pack, which consisted of the backpack, rulebook, templates and dice, as my local GW store told me there would be none at Games Day. Of course I managed to pick up a pack, minus the templates, at Games Day.

So I rang GW to re-arrange my order, cancelling the pack and getting the templates instead. Gary also wanted the templates so I ordered some for him. In the end I have been sent all of my original order plus the two sets of templates, and been fully charged for everything. Gah!

Here's what I got.

I still can't quite believe how big the templates are. Here is the Apocalyptic Barrage template in all its glory.

That's covering a Leman Russ, demolisher, Sentinel squadron, about four heavy weapon bases and most of an infantry squad. Yikes! This is the 10" Apocalyptic blast marker.

Finally, we have the Hellstorm template. It's covering a Basilisk, Leman Russ, Demolisher, Sentinel squadron and then clipping a Chimera.

I did get another funky template in my box. I think this one is a limited edition.

Yep, it's that old favorite, the Vortex grenade. I can't wait to try it out.

The item I was most excited about was the Baneblade. Here are all the sprues.

They're massive. The box also comes with some serious assembly instructions. The booklet is actually stapled down the edge.

The illustrations are all computer generated.

The last thing in the box is the transfers. This is a big sheet with lots of different options.

Looking at the kit, I reckon it will take me a good weekend to put it together, then a similar amount of time to paint it. I wonder if Gary would fancy a game of Apocalypse to christen it?

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