Wednesday, October 24, 2007

APOCALYPSE: Grand reckoning

I have now put together Apocalypse list for all of the armies I own. Here are the combined totals, broken down into the forces of order and the forces of disorder.

Forces of Order
  • Cadian Imperial Guard 1896 points
  • Blood Angels 3670 points
  • Composite Imperial Guard 1000 points
  • Daemonhunters 1711 points
Total points: 8277

Forces of Disorder
  • Orks 1898 points
  • Chaos Space Marines 4022 points
Total points: 5920
Grand total of all armies: 14197

The clear winners are the forces of disorder with a 2000 point advantage. I have a few options if I wanted a game with just my own models, though. I could switch the Daemonhunters onto the forces of disorder, being radicals after all, or alternatively I could make some of the Imperial Guard traitors.

Looking over the lists, some of my quirks and preferences stand out. Considering I have six armies I have relatively few special characters. The good guys have Yarrick, Gaunt, Dante, Mephiston, Corbulo and Tycho versus the bad guys Ghazghkull. I have always preferred to make and play my own heroes. Characters such as Inquisitor Severus, Chaplain Blackblood and Daemon Prince Ferocitor are every bit as exciting to me as the established special characters.

Another thing I've noticed is that I seem to favour infantry over vehicles. I have very few tanks overall, and few transports. If I wanted to increase the points values of my armies for relatively little work, I could just invest in vehicles. I have a Baneblade which needs putting together, so that would be 500 points right there. This would also increase my heavy support options which are very limited. I guess I just don't like the big guns!

The next thing I need to do is persuade Gary to total his armies. I'll more than likely play Apocalypse against him and he has a model collection almost as big as mine. Off the top of my head I know he has Chaos Space Marines, Necrons, Dark Eldar and Eldar, and that would go some way to balancing the forces of order and disorder. I reckon we could comfortably get up to around 10,000 points per side!

According to the Apocalypse book that means we should play on a 12'x8' table and the game would take a whole day to finish. Yikes!

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