Saturday, October 20, 2007

MODELLING: Blood Angel bases

I'm working on several blog posts over the weekend so expect to see a second Blood Angel battle report, a Cadian Apocalypse list, an Aeronautica Imperialis review and some pics of my Blood Angels shortly.

I picked up the Warhammer 40k basing kit yesterday, along with a box of Tactical marines. I was surprised to find 28 bases in a box containing just 10 models. Since I'm feeling a bit poorly, and not in good enough shape to paint to a decent standard I thought I'd do something far less demanding and use the basing kit to decorate the bases. This little lot took just 30 minutes to put together.

I glued the resin pieces and the large slate pieces randomly on the bases using superglue, then I added PVA glue and sprinkled on some of the smaller slate chippings. Finally I added fine sand over the rest. I'll leave them to dry out overnight then I'll start to build some of the Tactical marines and Veterans to put on them.

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