Friday, October 5, 2007

APOCALYPSE: Chaos Space Marines

There are still a handful of battle reports initially posted on this blog that I am transferring over to my dedicated battle reports blog. The first of these is a 40k battle between my Chaos Space Marines and Gary's Dark Eldar. Once I have the rest of them moved I'll start digging through my archives for my other battle reports. I reckon I have somewhere in the region of 150 of them, charting my gaming progress over the past three or four years. Eventually I want to start compiling some stats based upon these reports; win/loss ratios, most played missions, etc.

Meanwhile, I have started making army lists of all of my painted armies in anticipation of some Apocalypse action. I have asked Gary to do the same so I can work out likely alliances and we can split our collections evenly. I started by examining my Chaos army which has obviously been massively affected by the new codex. I kept the wargear to an absolute minimum so that all the models are WYSIWYG and they'll be easier to play in game. I forget wargear and special abilities even in small games so this makes sense in an Apocalypse game.

Here's what I have.

  • Daemon Prince
  • Chaos Lord, bike, lightning claw
  • Chaos Lord, mark of nurgle, daemon weapon
  • Chaos Lord, mark of nurgle, palanquin of nurgle, daemon weapon
  • Sorceror, mark of nurgle, nurgles rot
  • Greater Daemon (Great Unclean One)
  • 5 Possessed
  • Dreadnought, twin linked lascannon
  • 10 Chaos space marines, plasma gun, lascannon, aspiring champion with powerfist, icon of chaos glory
  • 10 Chaos space marines, plasma gun, lascannon, aspiring champion with powerfist, icon of chaos glory
  • 6 Chaos space marines, plasma gun, aspiring champion with plasma pistol, icon of chaos glory
  • 9 Thousand sons, Sorceror with warptime
  • 7 Plague marines, melta gun, flamer, aspiring champion with power weapon
  • 7 Plague marines, plasma pistol
  • 7 Plague marines, 2 plasma guns, aspiring champion with powerfist
  • 6 Plague marines
  • 6 Lesser daemons (daemonettes)
  • 8 Lesser daemons (Furies)
Fast Attack
  • 8 Raptors, 2 flamers, aspiring champion with power weapon
  • 2 Spawn
Heavy Support
  • 3 Obliterators
  • Predator, twin linked lascannon, heavy bolter sponsons
  • 6 Havocs, 4 heavy bolters, icon of chaos glory
  • 6 Havocs, 2 autocannon, missile launcher, icon of chaos glory
  • 7 Havocs, 2 melta guns, flamer, aspiring champion with plasma pistol
Points: 4022

If you look closely you may notice some slight differences from the picture and the army list. This is because I initially forgot my Furies who were away campaigning with my Warhammer Fantasy Horde of Chaos, and I had included Cypher in the photo but dropped him from the list. He is unique in that he can be used in two army lists; Chaos space marines and Imperial Guard. I'll not include him in any specific list but decide before each specific game.

It's only seeing the army altogether that I realise how many infantry models I have and how few vehicles there are. If I ever want to expand the army, vehicles are definitely the way to go. For not many models (and therefore not a lot of painting) I would use up a lot of points. A Brass Scorpion would be great...

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