Wednesday, October 3, 2007

PAINTING AND MODELLING: Red, but not blood

In between reading all the books I picked up at Games Day I have managed a little bit of painting. I now have five Blood Angels marines who have metallic bits and a base coat of Mechrite red armour.

The Mechrite red takes about 15 minutes per minute to apply as I had to leave the recesses black to help with shading. I have obviously been a little heavy handed with my initial metallic drybrush in places because bits that are supposed to be black have a silvery glint. I hope this won't show up too much in the finished miniatures. My next task is to cover the armour in Blood Red.

On the reading front, I have now started Descent of Angels, the latest Horus Heresy novel. It starts on Caliban, before the Emperor arrives. Already the splits between the proto-Dark Angels are appearing...

I'm also finishing off the Apocalypse supplement. The end of the book is proving a far tougher read than the start. This isn't because it is so bad, on the contrary these are my favourite bits. There is a section at the beginning of each faction's data sheets that examines how that race/army organises itself on an Apocalyptic level. The best so far is the genesis of an Ork Waaagh which ingeniously combines numbers of Orks with planets conquered and timescale in one diagram. Neat. The information is good, and I wasn't expecting it, so I am taking my time in reading it. A full review will follow.

In the meantime I have more marines to paint and some Apocalyptic army lists to write. I wonder how many points my entire model collection comes to?

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