Saturday, October 6, 2007


There's another 40k battle report posted on my other blog here.

My main reason for posting, though, is to show you my Apocalypse Ork army. Most of my models are second edition, single pose ones from the boxed set, and have only been painted to tabletop level. I'd never consider playing them for regular games as I'd be too embarrassed, but they'd do okay for Apocalypse. The remainder of the models came from Gary who got rid of his old Ork army and gave me a handful of models.

From a numbers point of view, the Orks are comparable in size to my Chaos Space Marines army, but in terms of points they are under half the value. Again I'm really short of vehicles. Here's the full list.

  • Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka
  • Warboss, slugga, choppa
    • 5 Nobz powerclaw, slugga, 4 choppa, slugga, wartrukk, big shoota
  • Warboss, 'Uge choppa
  • Painboss, 'Urty syringe
  • 14 Shoota boyz, 3 rokkits, nob, powerklaw
  • 21 Slugga boyz, nob, powerklaw
  • 13 Slugga boyz, nob, iron gob
  • 17 Shoota boyz, big shoota, nob, choppa
  • 12 Shoota boyz, 2 rokkits
  • 30 Gretchin, slaver, squighound, grabba stik
  • 20 Gretchin, slaver, squighound
  • 12 Gretchin, slaver
  • 10 Gretchin, slaver
Fast Attack
  • 5 Warbikes
  • 1 Wartrak, twin linked big shoota
Heavy Support
  • Dreadnought, rokkit launcha, big shootas
Points: 1898

I'll be back tomorrow with my review of the Apocalypse book.

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