Wednesday, October 10, 2007

APOCALYPSE: Imperial Guard

I've just come off the back of a really busy period; I've been out and about four nights of the last five. Consequently I'm absolutely knackered tonight and I've crawled onto my blog to keep you up to date with what I've been up to and what I'll be doing in the near future.

I've transferred the final battle report from this blog over to my dedicated blog. You can read it here. That means that from now on, all the battle reports I post in the future will go directly onto that blog and I'll be constantly updating it with old games that have never appeared on this blog, just on my old website. I'll still flag new reports up on this primary blog as and when.

I got back from work tonight to find a note from DHL saying they were unable to deliver a parcel. I'm pretty sure this is my Apocalypse stuff, including the Baneblade. Aaaarggh, I want APOCALYPSE stuff NOW! I'll have to pick it up from the depot tomorrow night. All my other projects will have to wait while I put the Baneblade together and paint the behemoth. The only decision will be whether to add it to my Cadian Imperial Guard or paint it in Chaos colours for my Exigator Chaos Space Marines and later for my Renegade Militia. Whatever, I desperately need to get my Blood Angels tactical marines painted first so I can actually start playing the army.

Meanwhile, I'm still ploughing through the remainder of my Games Day swag. I'm over halfway through Descent of Angels and will finish it by the weekend, I think. My opinion so far is meh. There has been far too much pre-Imperial build up with kids driving the plot, obviously so that they can go on to become Space Marines later. I'm hoping that it will pick up now that the Legion has been reunited with it's Primarch.

Having finished and reviewed Apocalypse I have moved on to the next glossy book on my pile; Aeronautica Imperialis. Once I've finished this I need to read the supplement Tactica Aeronautica. I reckon I'll be buying models for this game sometime in the second half of next year if I enjoy the rulebooks. I'll keep you all informed.

And now, eventually, I can get onto the main reason for this post. Below is an Apocalypse army list for all the odds and sods of my various Imperial Guard projects outside of my main army - Cadians.

  • Commissar Yarrick
  • Commissar Gaunt
  • Command squad
    • Heroic senior officer (Corbec), plasma gun, veteran with standard (Milo), medic (Dorden), sniper rifle (Mkoll)*
  • 10 Stormtroopers, plasma gun
  • Infantry platoon
    • Command squad, junior officer with bolt pistol, 4 guardsmen (Praetorian)
    • Infantry squad, autocannon, melta gun (Praetorian)
    • Infantry squad, lascannon, plasma gun (Catachan)
  • Infantry platoon (Catachan)
    • Command squad, junior officer with bolt pistol, flamer, 3 guardsmen
    • Infantry squad, flamer
    • Infantry squad, flamer
    • Infantry squad, heavy bolter, flamer, veteran sergeant with bolt pistol
Heavy Support
  • Mortar squad
*Not strictly legal but it was the best way I could find to represent the Tanith models I have.

This is a real hotch potch of models dredged from the back of my cupboard. They've never seen the light of day for many moons and an Apocalypse game is probably the only time they ever will. The next army list I'll post will be my 'proper' Imperial Guard army, my Cadians.

Righto, I'm off to paint some Blood Angels.

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