Friday, October 19, 2007

GENERAL: What the devil have I been up to?

I have posted a brand new battle report over on my other blog. This was the first outing for my Blood Angels with the new codex and a first game for me against the revised Chaos Space Marine codex. I'd urge you to head on over and check it out.

I haven't been posting as much partly because I've been busy with real life but mostly because I've been painting. I've all but finished my five Tactical marines, and that includes 3 layers of highlights, washes, the works. These models are by far the best painted of my rank and file models ever and even though it has taken a long time I want to carry this standard on over the rest of the army. Of course, I will get quicker and better as I progress because I'm out of practice painting. I'm really enjoying the challenge.

I'll post decent pictures of the completed models over the weekend, once I have experimented with my photography set up. All of the photos on lone pilgrim so far have been simple snapshots at my painting desk, but I really want to do justice to my models, and my Blood Angels in particular. I want to re-photograph some of my older Blood Angel models and post the results up here too.

I was so taken with my recent games and my painting exploits that I went out and bought another Tactical marines box. Not only will this give me another ten troops, the box comes with 3 special weapons and another heavy weapon. I plan to build all of them so that I will have some choices in my Tactical squads.

I'm really torn right now between getting stuck into my Blood Angels and tackling the Baneblade kit which is sitting there whispering at me from the corner. To make matters worse my limited edition Renegade Ogryn with Death Korps victim arrived from Forge World today. I tried to buy this at Games Day but it was sold out so they posted it later instead. It looks really sweet and makes me want to start my Renegade Militia army. I could add the Baneblade to them and play Apocalypse games using them alongside my Exigators Chaos Space Marines.

The Renegade Militia are supposed to be my primary painting goal this year but I now realise that my Blood Angels need a serious overhaul to make them battle worthy. I had thought that I could simply add a few models then concentrate on the Militia, but it doesn't look like that is the case. Realistically, I don't think I can finish both armies to a high standard this year. So I have a decision to make; do I put back the Militia to next year and concentrate on the Blood Angels or do I do the minimum with the marines and move on to the Militia?

A tough decision. I'll let you know what I decide.

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