Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GENERAL: Dwarfs versus Wood Elves

Gary and I managed to squeeze in another game of Blood Bowl last night. It was the first game of week two of the Old Albion Premier League and brought together two winning teams from week 1; the Lorien Avengers and the Moriar Crushers. You can read the game report here. We're hoping to get a lot more games in over the coming weeks before the new edition of 40k hits the shelves.

Meanwhile, I'm frantically trying to finish painting my Khorne Berzerkers - the last four models now have red armour and are awaiting their green grenades and holsters.

Aaaand...My first two eBay auctions ended on Sunday and both of my Cyberpunk books sold, so I'll have some cash for the New Model Fund shortly. It's just as well considering the cash I have already spent on my Sekrit Projekt...

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