Friday, June 6, 2008

PAINTING: Abad-done

Despite my manflu I have managed to complete Abaddon this week.

This is a major achievement for me as I have been in a painting funk lately and just as I seemed to be getting back into it I fell ill. Unfortunately I had a lot of important stuff to do at work so I couldn't go off sick. I was dog tired every night but I stuck at it and continued to work on the model and it payed off.

Since my last post I had to paint the face, trophy poles and base. The photos don't really show this as they are poor quality but the face is the part I am most proud of; it's the best detail work I've done in ages.

The trophy poles were very fiddly to complete. In retrospect I wish I had painted them separately and then glued them in place because it was very difficult to get to the bits on the 'inside.'

The red I achieved on the Space Marine helmet was closer to the red I wanted for Abaddon's topknot and tabard but hey ho - at least it's on the model somewhere. I also painted his shoulderpad Eye of Horus symbol and orangey-red with a black 'cats-eye' pupil.

I overbrushed the base Calthan Brown then Tau Sept Ochre then added some Dheneb Stone for a light drybrush. A bit of static grass and a Goblin Green rim finished it off.

If I was scoring myself I'd give this model a six out of ten. Although it is technically okay - the paint is on the bit of the model I wanted it to be on -I think that being ill did affect my painting. I'm not entirely happy with the red, as I've said, nor the detail on the sword. I could have added more detail around the trophy rack and the skulls aren't perfect. However, this model is not destined for a painting competition or display, it is mainly going to be used for Apocalypse battles. In that context his paintjob is perfectly acceptable. I've used more of the Foundation paints, tried out a couple of new techniques and completed a model in under a week. Result!

So I only have two more projects on the 'to do' list; the Brass Scorpion and Khorne Berzerkers.

For those of you following such things I've posted up another battle report here. This game was my Daemonhunters against Jamie's Tau on a heavy terrain board.

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