Monday, June 2, 2008

PAINTING: Skulls for the Despoiler

I've managed to snatch a few minutes painting time on Abaddon.

As you can see I have painted his hair and tabard red. It's a Mechrite Red basecoat with Chaos Black and Mechrite Red shading and Dheneb Stone and Mechrite Red highlights. The red wasn't quite as vivid as I wanted so I washed it twice with Magenta Ink. It helped but the colour still isn't exactly as I wanted it. I'll leave it for now and see if it grows on me.

The other part of the model I painted was the skulls. I tried something different from my usual recipe. I got this from the latest White Dwarf (UK 342) in the Skulltaker masterclass. I worked the colours up from Charadon Granite, Bleached Bone and Skull White. My skulls look nothing like the ones on Skulltaker so I think they may have left a few steps out in the magazine!

So the last few bits I have to finish are the face, trophy poles, and the base. I'm hopeful I'll get Abaddon done by the end of this week despite a six day working week.

As promised I've dug up another Daemonhunters battle report for your delectation. This was a memorable game against Steve who was commanding his own radical Daemonhunters.

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