Friday, June 27, 2008

PAINTING: Blood for the Blood God!

Apologies on the quality of the photos but it's summertime in the UK which means it's overcast.

Khorne Berzerkers. Done.

The final four marines had been agonisingly close to completion for a week or more but I just couldn't find the time to paint them. This morning I sat down for a couple of hours and did the silver metallics, pouches and black lined them. I also touched up the armour and painted in the eyes. Finally, I stuck on the transfers.

Here is the whole squad; a fluffy eight members. Once the paint dries thoroughly I'll stick some static grass on the base and the last job of all will be to varnish them.

And with that I will have painted the last regular Chaos Space Marine models I own. Wow, what a sense of accomplishment. An entire army, probably around 4,500 points in total, done.

This afternoon I plan to spend a little time building my Brass Scorpion.

If you're still hungry for more 40k action why not check out my latest battle report. Again this features my Daemonhunters and they are confronting Ken's Witch Hunters. Someone from the Ordo Hereticus obviously thinks Inquisitor Kurven has become a little too radical.

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