Friday, June 20, 2008

GENERAL: Lost and Damned

I'm just swinging by to flag up another battle report. This was a fluffy encounter between my radical Daemonhunters and Wayne's Lost and the Damned.

I've no pictorial proof but I promise I am almost done with the Khorne Berzekers. Tonight I painted the grenades, holster and pouches, gloves and scabbards. The last bits to do are the silver metallics and then blackline everything to tidy it up. Despite being away over the weekend I hope to have them complete by Monday.

I hope to be back in time on Sunday to watch the end of my two eBay auctions. In case you missed them in an earlier blog here they are.

Cthulhu Classics
A full-length campaign, five more heart-pounding adventures, and a full-colour mythos gallery.

Escape From Innsmouth is based on H.P. Lovecraft's popular "The Shadow Over Innsmouth," a haunting tale of a nearly forgotten town cursed by a blasphemous pact.

Both are currently selling and should bring in some much needed funds for the New Model Fund.

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