Friday, June 13, 2008

PAINTING: Skulls and Blood

I have just two units on my Chaos Space Marine 'to do' list now; my Khorne Berzerkers and a Brass Scorpion. I knuckled down and slapped some paint on the Khorne Berzerkers first. Here's what I achieved.

I managed to totally complete four of them. That's half the squad (it has eight members, of course). I largely finished one of them a while back so I mainly had to concentrate on the other three. I had also already painted the brass bits of the models.

I got the armour by painting Mechrite Red straight over black then mixing in a lot of Blood Red for the second coat. I shaded it with the new Baal Red wash. The holsters and grenades were painted with Orkhide shade followed by Knarloc Green and then a final highlight of Putrid Green. A Thraka Green wash tied everything together.

The silver metallics were painted with Boltgun Metal with a Mithril Silver highlight and a Badab Black wash to finish. Next I worked on the scabbards which I covered in Khemri Brown and edged in Dheneb Stone. Lastly, I applied a Gryphonne Sepia wash.

I edged the guns with Charadon Granite.

Although the picture here doesn't really do it justice, the head of the standard bearer is pretty good (even if I do say so myself). I wanted it to be fairly light in tone so that it could withstand a heavy wash so I started with Tanned Flesh and worked in more and more Bronzed Flesh.

I washed it with Ogryn Flesh wash and it looked great! I added another wash of Badab Black over his chin and the top of his head to represent short stubbly hair and he was done.

The washes seem great based on the short run-out I gave them today. They are quite thick and heavily pigmented but the washes clung into all the right places and dried very quickly. You seem to need a lot of wash on your brush for each application so I think I'll go through the pots very quickly. I'll keep you posted as I continue to experiment.

Alright - I'm finally getting somewhere. Just four more Berzerkers to go then I'm onto the last model. Bring it on!

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