Friday, March 27, 2009

GENERAL: New Year resolutions update

I'm rattling through those Imperial Guard battle reports now! This particular game was versus Steve and his Death Guard.

And now on to the show...

It's been three months since I blogged my New Year resolutions so with a quarter of the year gone I thought I'd revisit them and see how I've done.

Finish 2000 points of Blood Angels Space Marines
I now have 1135 points completed and I'm still on course to hit the 2000 point target.

Paint 1000 points of my Ork army

That will begin once the Blood Angels are done in the second half of the year.

Paint a total of 100 points of models over the year (the formula is in this blog entry)
I've added my painting points to the sidebar of the blog and that now stands at 31, so I'm currently well ahead of schedule.

Completely finish publishing my old battle reports
As I keep mentioning the end is in sight on this front.

Finish my Blood Bowl league
I haven't even thought about this yet. I'm getting a bit bored by straight up 40k battles at the moment. Maybe I should switch back to Bloodbowl?

Finish my trench board and accompanying terrain
Again, this is on the back burner for now but I still plan to finish it this year.

Restart my News and Rumour posts
I've done this successfully but I'm not sure what it adds to my blog. Other blogs and forums cover this better than I ever will be able to. What I wanted was to be able to record my browsing on forums and blogs and flag this up to people reading my own blog just in case they hadn't seen it elsewhere. I think Neil Gaiman calls it 'tab closing' on his blog. What does everyone think - should I continue with these posts or not?

Switch domains
Done nothing yet but I'm still poor so this will happen at some stage.

Buy no more Games Workshop novels
I've kept to this resolution so far. It has forced me to finish the Ultramarines omnibus and I've just started on the Last Chancers trilogy.

Review every Games Workshop book I read and review a broader range of Games Workshop products
This will happen as I have taken notes on every book I have read since Christmas (and before). I've held off blogging the reviews while I've been producing my battle reports so expect a flood of reviews when they are finished. I guess it wasn't the best idea to promise to review a broader range of products at the same time as I stopped buying models and books from Games Workshop!

Spend nothing at all on models
I'm still going strong on this resolution, although I am building up quite a wish list. The new Imperial Guard codex will test my willpower to its limits, though.

Have £500 in the New Model Fund by the end of year
I've only had one private sale, and no eBay auctions at all, since Christmas but I have still got over £250 in the fund. This is largely due to carrying some money over from last year and also spending none. I want to go eBay crazy in the next couple of months and sell a tonne of stuff before the Imperial Guard codex is released.

So all in all I'm quite pleased with my progress. I'll check back in at the six month mark to see if I'm meeting my targets.

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