Monday, March 30, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Plastic Trygon

I came across a new thread on Warseer early last week confirming the sighting of the plastic Tyranid Trygon. Apparently the model has been out in the public domain for some time and you can check out the photo in the Apocalypse rulebook - it is in the fold out Battle of Cold Steel Ridge game report. Brimstone has also confirmed that the model will be released at the same time as the Tyranid codex, not with the Planetstrike expansion due in the summer.

This leads on to further speculation as to whether the Tyranid codex will be released late this year or early 2010. The 'Nid codex would also possibly to tie in with the rumoured Space Hulk release before Christmas. That would give us a release list of:
  • May - Imperial Guard
  • June/July - Planetstrike
  • August/September - Space Wolves
  • October/November - Space Hulk
  • December/January - Tyranids
Brimstone and Harry have already hinted at the Daemonhunters and/or Witch Hunters getting a 2010 release and of course the Dark Eldar are still waiting for a slot along with the Necrons. I just hope they don't forget my beloved Blood Angels - I'd really love the full codex update rather than the White Dwarf/PDF junk.

One rumour I like the sound of, but don't really believe, is that the Blood Angels codex will be released alongside Space Hulk. Veteran gamers will know that the Blood Angels featured heavily in the very first edition of Space Hulk. Wishful thinking? Probably.

Battle reports
It's finally here - the last of my regular Imperial Guard battle reports. This game was played against Gary Warriner, the local GW store manager, and his well modelled and painted Necron army. Gary is a good painter and great with conversions, so much so that one of his armies actually featured in White Dwarf a long, time ago, a Dark Angels force with lots of Necromunda ratskin conversions. Anyway, I enjoyed the game and I hope you enjoy reading about it.

Now that my bog standard, text only reports are all ported over all I have to convert now are the pictorial reports. They will be trickier because I need to find the photographs on my hard drive amongst all the others on there, so they may come by a little less often. Still, I am motivated to blog them because it means I'll be completely up to date with my battle reports. Come on!

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