Monday, March 23, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Planetstrike

I've been following the rumours on Warseer that The Dude has been posting regarding planetstrike. It seems to be a Cities of Death type supplement for 40k which will be released by July at the latest. The missions are rumoured to be attacker and defender split with the defender choosing the board edge and possibly moving the terrain and making it dangerous by booby trapping it and the attacker getting to place craters and the chance to use outflanking and deep striking, etc.

Games Workshop look to be continuing with their plan to release a new wave of models for a range of armies at the same time. The Space Marines seem to be getting the Ironclad Dreadnought and Land Speeder Storm along with Vulkan He'stan the Salamander special character. Further models are yet to be confirmed but the plastic Thunderhawk rumour has resurfaced again. Other rumours mention Eldar jetbikes, the Chaos Daemon Prince, plastic stormtroopers,

There will apparently be new terrain in the form of bunkers and fortifications. Speculation says that we have already seen some of them in the 5th edition rulebook. There is apparently a bunker on page 230 and a landing pad on page xiv.

I just got my latest edition of White Dwarf through the post and all of the above seems to tie in with the snippets of information which has been fed to us about Phil Kelly's latest studio campaign which seems to mention fortifications and even trenches. It is also clear that this is something in the very near future.

I'm looking forward to this one...

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