Sunday, March 22, 2009

PAINTING: Techmarine with servo harness

On Friday I managed to convert another 4th edition 40k Imperial Guard battle report and post it on my blog. If you haven't already checked it out you can do so here. It was a 1500 point clash with Gary's Eldar army which turned into a bit of an epic encounter.

Yesterday I had the choice of sitting at my computer or sitting at my painting station. As I'm a little behind in the Warseer painting pledge I chose the painting and managed to all but complete my Techmarine with servo-harness. Here he is in all his glory.

I painted the servo harness first with all the metallics and then moved on to the armour of the Techmarine. My understanding is that Techmarines leave their chapter for a considerable length of time to train with the Adeptus Mechanicus on Mars and then return with lots of knowledge but divided loyalties. This is reflected somewhat on their armour as they often incorporate the red of the Mechanicus with their own chapter colours. As the Blood Angels already have red armour I was left in a quandary.

I decided to paint the model in two different shades of red. The helmet and shoulder pads were painted in my regular Blood Angel colours but I painted the rest of the armour in a more muted red. Over the Mechrite Red base layer I painted Scab Red and then highlighted it by adding Bleached Bone. This turned out a little pinky but at least it was distinct from the orangey highlights I usually use. I washed the armour with Baal Red and Gryphonne Sepia to further set it apart.

I'm quite pleased with how this model turned out as it is quite bulky and complex and it still only took about six hours. This will add 100 points toward my month's painting tally and in theory I could use him on the table top as is. I do, however, have his four servitors still to paint and when they are finished the whole unit will come to 200 points on the nose. That's easily achievable for one month and I might even get a start on some other models.

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