Monday, March 16, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: 40k Grand Tournament results

The Warhammer 40k UK Grand Tournament was held this weekend at Warhammer World. The top ten, via Prophaniti on The Warhammer Forum and Mad Larkn on Warseer, were:

1: Ugo Oliveti, Eldar (Seer council on bikes)
2: Di Tomaso, CSM (double lash, 5 oblits, LR with zerkers, plague marine and MoD marines )
3: Urban Knight, CSM (2 lash, 4 oblits and Land raiding berzerkers)
4: torgoch, Eldar (2 Seer Council Eldar)
5: Scott Young, Orks (4 Battlewagon + Ghazgul)
6: James Mcglough, CSM (Chaos, Abbadon, Kharne and 2 Land raiders)
7: Phil Walter, Tyranids (Nidzilla)
8: Gary Percival, Orks
9: Falces Imperatoris, Witchunters (canoness, priest and celestians packing 3 eviserators and with double flamers) in a rhino, Two Rhino mounted sisters squads packing double flamers, One Foot sisters squad with double meltas, A little squad of 5 seraphim with inferno pistols, 2 exorcists, A squadron of 2 Penny engines)
10: SpikyDavid, Orks (4 trucks of boys, a warboss, a mek, and several squadrons of buggies)

Out of the top 50 there were:
14 Orks
12 Eldar
7 Chaos
4 Daemons
2 Witch hunters
2 Tyranids
2 Space marines
2 Space wolves
1 Necron
1 Blood angel
1 Dark eldar
1 Guard
1 Tau

Here's the link to the full results sheet.

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