Friday, March 6, 2009

GENERAL: Today will be a day of battle!

I have a few hours spare, and while I'm tempted to push on with my painting I'm going to spend that time catching up with my battle reports.

I've just posted up another 4th edition Imperial Guard game over on my other blog. This was a 1500 point game against a newbie Space Marine player.

Mainly though, I will be writing up my last three games of 5th edition 40k. One was played with my Blood Angels and the following two were games using my Imperial Guard and Daemonhunters. I have photos for all of them, providing I can find them on my laptop, and hopefully they should jog a few memories of in-game events.

I'll blog the completed battle reports over the coming week.

If I have any spare time after that I plan to photograph my Assault Squad properly for the Warseer painting pledge, finish off modelling my Dreadnought and then write up a 1500 point list for future Imperial Guard and Daemonhunter games.

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