Monday, March 2, 2009


Forge World
The big news on my radar over the past week was the Forge World preview of Nurgle Daemon Prince Mamon and his herald.

My understanding is that Mamon was one of the closest advisers to Cardinal Xaphan during the Siege of Vraks and by the time of the third book, due out this year, has grown in power to become a Nurgle Daemon Prince.

Opinion is divided on this model but I love it. It's nice to see a Daemon Prince model without a big Space Marine influence. Plus he's huge! Check out the size compared to a regular Plague Marine below.

One of the cool features it's easy to miss is the pus cauldron on the model's back in which Nurglings are chilling out, as if it is a hot tub. Hilarious.

Sadly, it's extremely unlikely I'll ever buy this model. I'm buying no models this year at all, and I have no plans to collect a Nurgle Chaos army.

Forge World have also announced their open day which will take place on Sunday 5th April at Warhammer World. There is no charge for admission. Stuff on show will include Imperial Armour Volume Seven - The Siege of Vraks Part 3, some previously unseen Chaos and Ork models, and the new show only model.

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