Sunday, August 9, 2009

APOCALYPSE: Blood Angels updated

With the current batch of painting of my Blood Angels coming to an end it's time to update my Apocalypse army list for them. Please bear in mind that many of the models listed below go back as far as Rogue Trader days and I wouldn't normally even consider playing them in a normal game. Of course in Apocalypse games all bets are off...

  • Dante 200 points
  • Mephiston 225 points
  • Lemartes 125 points
  • Tycho 110 points
  • Corbulo 100 points
  • Chaplain with jump pack, plasma pistol 120 points
  • Chaplain 100 points
  • Chaplain 100 points
  • Chaplain 100 points
  • Chaplain, plasma pistol 115 points
  • Librarian 120 points
  • Librarian 120 points
  • Librarian 120 points
  • Honour Guard, plasma pistol 140 points
  • Honour Guard 125 points
  • Total 1920 points
  • Techmarine 75 points
  • Techmarine 75 points
  • Techmarine 75 points
  • Techmarine 75 points
  • Techmarine with servo-harness, 2 close combat servitors, 2 heavy bolter servitors 200 points
  • 5 Terminators, assault cannon 230 points
  • 10 Deathcompany with jump packs (8 free) 60 points
  • 5 Veterans with jump packs, powerfist, plasma pistol 190 points
  • Venerable Furioso Death Company Dreadnought 145 points
  • Dreadnought with multimelta 125 points
  • Dreadnought with assault cannon 125 points
  • Total 1375 points
  • 10 Assault marines with jump packs, 2 plasma pistols, sergeant with power weapon and melta bomb 300 points
  • 5 Tactical marines, flamer, Veteran with power fist 145 points
    • Razorback with twin lascannon 80 points
  • 10 Tactical marines, flamer, missile launcher, Veteran with power fist, Rhino 270 points
  • 5 Tactical marines 115 points
  • Total 910 points
Fast Attack
  • Land Speeder, multi melta, heavy flamer 75 points
  • Land Speeder, multi melta 65 points
  • Total 140 points
Heavy support
  • Predator Destructor, heavy bolters and storm bolter 100 points
  • Land Raider, storm bolter 255 points
  • Land Raider Crusader, storm bolter 255 points
  • Total 610 points
Total Points: 4955

Looking at the totals for each category I can see that my army is very unbalanced with loads of HQ and Elite choices but very little of anything else. I guess that means that this army would excel at attacking in Planetstrike missions. I wouldn't fancy defending though!

I still have a pile of models I need to paint which would help to re-balance the army; 20 or so Tactical marines and a Whirlwind would flesh out my Troop and Heavy Support options nicely. Of course the 16 Scouts, two Captains and another Chaplain would knock it straight back out of whack...

My current wishlist includes Baal Predators, lots of Tac squads with Rhinos, Razorbacks and Drop Pods, Veterans and Honour Guard.

I have heard rumors that the Blood Angels will get a new codex sometime in 2010 so now will be as good a time as any to put away the paintbrush and wait to see how the army will be affected by Games Workshop's update.

But if an Apocalypse game does come calling in the meantime I'll have almost 5000 points of Blood Angels to command.

Destroy the Gargant
I've just posted up the second battle report from my Destroy the Gargant campaign. This time my Daemonhunters took centre stage to beat back Gary's Orks as they tried to infiltrate the Ork camp.


  1. Hi mate, would you mind if I used your New Model Fund and Painting Points ideas for my own blog? This seem pretty cool for helping with pesky motivation issues. :)

  2. Go for it! Lots of people have used them already.