Monday, August 24, 2009

SELLING: eBay bonanza

I don't have any real news for you tonight so I thought I'd let you know about the eBay auctions I have running.

There are 36 items in total, ranging across several games systems.

Catachan Imperial Guard
I stripped my Catachans a while back with the intention of repainting them but I simply have too many armies already without duplicating the Imperial Guard. Therefore I've put all of the metal models up for sale. There are lascannon teams, mortar teams, special weapons and loads more.

Blood Bowl
I'm also selling several metal Blood Bowl models. These are all long out of print and include Dark Elves, Humans, Orcs, a Deathroller and a Treeman.

Sister of Battle/Witch Hunters
I bought a job lot of Sisters in a Games Workshop sale during the switch over from 2nd to 3rd edition 40k. Unfortunately I got several duplicates, so I'm selling the spares now. There are some Seraphim, Sister superiors and a Banner Bearer.

Odds and sods
The last model is quite timely; Skaven Plague Lord Skrolk. I am also selling two out of print Black Library books. The first is the Life of Sigmar background book by Matt Ralphs and the second is a limited edition (number 123) Darkness Rising background book, covering the Storm of Chaos campaign.

I'm hoping to add a fair amount to the New Model Fund as a result of these auctions. I'm not looking forward to packaging them up and posting them, though!

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