Sunday, August 16, 2009

GENERAL: Back of the net!

I was at the Newcastle match last night, our first at home in the Championship, and watched Shola Ameobi score a hat-trick(!) to give us a comfortable win. I just don't know what to expect from NUFC day to day, match by match. One thing is for sure - it won't be dull!

Anyway, I went out to celebrate, got totally smashed, fell asleep in the taxi and woke up this morning with a raging hangover. To blow the cobwebs away I'm going to walk into town and pick up a copy of Planetary Empires and hopefully the Battlescape scenery piece with wrecked Rhino.

Before I set off, though, I wanted to point you towards a couple more of my Destroy the Gargant campaign battle reports.

The first game, game 5 of the campaign, saw the Daemonhunters surrounded by Orks and trying to break out of an ambush.

The second game was twice the size at 1500 points and had the Daemonhunters making a bunker assault on the Ork bastions.


  1. Nice one for the Geordies then!

    You may find this post of use:

    - Drax.

  2. Aye, a nice result for the Toon.
    You off to the Leicester game at all?
    Looking forward to that, providing I can get tickets for it. Should be do-able, as its on TV, so there should be some of the 2800 tickets that are bing allocated to us left. XD

  3. @ Lauinav - I have a season ticket for NUFC so I'll be there. I sit in the East stand level with the D on the 18 yard box. Great seats.

    @ Drax - Thanks for the link. The Battlescape set looks more substantial than the craters.