Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NEW MODEL FUND: Planetstrike goodies

I have added nothing to my New Model Fund for a few months now and this time around the story is no different. I have made some plans, though. As you can see in the photograph below I have pulled some models out of my collection ready to be flung upon eBay.

There are quite a few Catachan Imperial Guardsmen; loads of metal heavy weapons and a few plastics in the tub. I stripped these a while ago with the intention of repainting them but I'm broke and I don't have the time to paint a whole new army.

You'll also notice some Blood Bowl figures. Many of them are very old metals (lead probably) from third edition. I'm hoping the Treeman and Death Roller in particular will fetch a good price.

The last set of models are Sisters of Battle. This is an army I plan to keep but I have a few duplicate miniatures. I bought many of my Sisters models in bulk right at the end of 40k 2nd edition/start of 3rd edition, back in the day when Games Workshop had sales. I got a job lot of minis, most of which I'm keeping, but I also received four extra Sister Superiors with power weapons and three Seraphim with plasma pistols and power weapons. There is also a spare standard bearer. All of the poses are quite distinctive so I won't be able to convert them, but I could sell them singly on eBay.

In the background you can also see a couple of resin Forge World busts. I'm still torn on whether to sell them or keep them. They were prizes I won in tournaments and my girlfriend is quite insistent I paint them up and display them. My point of view is that they are pretty rare so may fetch a good price and I don't have the time to paint them up anyway. Hmmm, I'll have a ponder.

I hope to put all the models up for sale on eBay in the next two weeks or so.

In addition to my New Model Fund I have had a short term fund running to spend my Fantasy Football winnings on Planetstrike goodies. I had £123.25 from £150 left having bought the book and the limited edition mines, bombs and booby traps.

Since then I have also purchased the Imperial Strongpoint boxed set, the Skyshield landing pad and the Blastscape craters.

By my reckoning I now have £34.15 left to spend on Planetstrike stuff.

Destroy the Gargant
For those of you who missed it, I posted my third game from my Destroy the Gargant campaign yesterday. Here it is in all its glory; a clash between my Daemonhunters and Gary's Orks.


  1. What all blood bowl figs do you have there?

  2. The Imperial Strongpoint is an amazing set. You get a ton of stuff in that box. The only thing that would make it better is if it came with three bastions.

  3. @Tristan - there is a Treeman, Dwarf Death roller, 3 Dark Elf linemen, 2 Dark Elf blitzers, a Dark Elf kicker, 2 human chuckers, 2 human catchers, a human blitzer, a human blocker and a human lineman.