Monday, August 10, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: A blizzard of books

I didn't bring you any news or rumours last week as I was busy finishing off my Blood Angels army. I didn't miss much anyway because there wasn't much going on. I still don't have anything terra-shattering but I at least might have something of interest for you.

Black Library
Some of you may already be aware, via Gav Thorpe's website, that he is writing a series of Eldar books for Black Library. This is a significant development as BL had moved away from non-human perspective books for some time. The first book is entitled Path of the Warrior and I have linked to the cover art below (which is superb in my opinion).

The book is due out in 2010.

Other BL products on the horizon include two audio books; Thunder from Fenris, a Space Wolf book written by Nick Kyme and Raven's Flight, again by Gav Thorpe. This is the blurb on Amazon:

After the horrors of the Dropsite Massacre, the Raven Guard are trying to survive in the caves and mountains of Isstvan V. Their plight is desperate, and escape from the roaming Chaos Legions seems impossible. Meanwhile Colonel Valerius of the Imperial army begins suffering terrible dreams, believing the Raven Guard to be in trouble. But he faces obstacles of his own in attempting what he believes will be a heroic rescue. Can the decimated Legion hold out against the forces of the World Eaters long enough to reach an unlikely salvation?

There are also a raft of other books I can't recall hearing about before:
  • Helsreach by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
  • Flesh and Iron by Henry Zou (There are reports of an uprising on the planet of Solo–Baston. Indigenous forces are rebelling against Imperial rule, led by the mysterious ’Dos Pares’. Amidst the conflict, the 31st Riverine Imperial Guard are dispatched to seek and retrieve a vital piece of weaponry, but find themselves beset on all sides by hostile forces. And what they originally thought was simple tribal warfare soon reveals a much more sinister activity. Henry Zou’s latest novel serves as a prequel to Emperor’s Mercy and delivers non–stop action and mystery in the grim world of Warhammer 40,000.)
  • Redemption Corps by Rob Sanders (An Imperial Guard novel)
  • The Chapter's Due by Graham McNeill (Another Ultramarines novel)
  • Enforcer by Matthew Farrer (Presumably another Shira Calpurnia novel)
  • The Hunt for Voldorius by Mitchel Scanlon (A Space Marine Battles book)
  • Waiting Death by Steve Lyons
  • Nemesis by James Swallow (a Horus Heresy book)
Forge World
I got the latest Forge World newsletter on Friday and it revealed that The Siege of Vraks part 3 (IA7) was up for advance order. It will be released on 24th August and will come with a slip cover for all three Vraks books. You can flick through some pages of the book here.

I ordered the book and also ordered the Anphelion Project, IA4, while I was at it. It's been on my 'wanted' list for a long time now so I thought I'd take the plunge while I was on the website anyway.

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