Monday, August 31, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Forge World Waaagh!

Forge World have unveiled several new Ork kits ahead of their next Imperial Armour book which is a fight between Elysian Imperial Guard and Orks. Below is an extract from their latest newsletter.

Our new Ork releases are:

Big Trakk — Designed by Will Hayes (full resin tank model) —This heavy Ork transport can also be used to carry Big Gunz into battle. A brutal-looking machine, the Big Trakk comes with twin-linked big shootas, a massive gas-turbine engine, and ramming tusks. To see images of the Big Trakk click here.

Enclosed Trukk — Designed by Will Hayes and Phil Stutcinskas. (a hybrid resin and plastic model using the Ork Trukk kit). —The model makes for a great alternative for your Trukk fleet as well as an excellent base for your own conversions. Its enclosed cab can also be used to represent the Armour Plates upgrade on a trukk. To see images click here.

Flakk gun — Designed by Phil Stutcinskas (full resin Big Gun with three grot crew and an Ork gunner) —this is a quad-barrelled elevating cannon platform that can give the Orks some much needed air-cover as well as rip apart light vehicle squadrons with ease. To see images click here.

Gretchin Crew — Designed by Mark Bedford (eleven resin grots) —some wonderfully characterful grots to crew your big gunz or use as riggers for your vehicles, and generally make a nuisance of themselves! To see images of the crew on vehicles click here.

Big Zzappa — Designed by Will Hayes (full resin Big Gun with three Grot crew) – this marvellous looking `death ray` is adorned with all manner of strange-looking gubbinz and is as dangerous to the enemy as it is unreliable. To see images click here.

Killkannon — Designed by Will Hayes (full resin Big Gun with three Grot crew) —able to blast apart even heavily armoured troops as the Orks advance, the Killkannon easily lives up to its name and adds heavy firepower to your Waaagh! To see images click here.

Big Lobba — Designed by Will Hayes (full resin Big Gun with three Grot crew) —this somewhat crazed-looking gas-powered bomb launcher is used to lob explosive shells high in the air, and possibly the occasional grot with it! To see images click here.

Supa-Kannon– Designed by Mark Bedford (full resin really Big Gun with three crew, available either on its own or as a compete Battlewagon with Supa Kannon using the plastic Ork Battlewagon kit) —This giant artillery piece looks just as ramshackle and brutal as you might expect from the Orks, and can be used to smash enemy defensives, shatter bastions and fortifications so the boyz can get stuck in. To see images of the Supa-Kannon Battlewagon click here. To see images of the Supa-Kannon click here.

Many of these kits are designed so that in true Orky style you can mix and match between them and particularly in the case of the Big Gunz you can fit them to Trukks, our Half Trakk, Big Trakks, Gun Wagons, Battle Wagons and your own custom models. We also have some great new grots to crew your vehicles and weapons. Each of the new Big Gunz comes with its own crew, and you can also buy the full set of eleven models separately! A quick note on the Supa-Kannon as well, this is a huge gun intended to be mounted on a Battlewagon, Big Trakk or something equally as large! Look out for more Ork releases in the near future.

All of these models are available now for immediate release, and experimental rules for them can be downloaded under the Big Trakk rules Here.

Looks like I picked the right time to collect an Ork army!

Forge World have also updated their rules from IA1 and IA2 to bring them in line with 5th edition 40k. This is the link to the Forge World download page. There are typos of course, but it is better than nothing.

Imperial Armour VII has also just been released, and I'm currently reading it now. It concludes the Siege of Vraks campaign and ups the ante with the Inquisition meeting the Chaos Daemons head on.

Don't tell me how it ends!

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