Saturday, August 22, 2009

GENERAL: 500 not out

Lone pilgrim has hit another major milestone with it's 500th blog post. This is a pretty good total given my battle reports blog is marching on toward 200 posts. Anyway, I'm not going to blather on too much about it other than to say I still have the blog bug and it will continue for the foreseeable future.

The U2 gig was great on Thursday night, I made it back to Newcastle to go out for a meal and some drinks last night and I've booked tickets for Inglourious Basterds tonight. The Ashes are being played all day and Newcastle are playing Cystal Palace this afternoon and I'll be trying to follow both on Sky Sports and on the radio. I'm now trying to fit in a bit of hobby time around my busy social schedule.

Wait a minute Mr Postman...
I was in a really foul mood with the Post Office this morning. When I came back from Sheffield on Friday I had a note through the door saying the postman had tried to deliver a parcel but had missed me. I suspect this is the latest Siege of Vraks book along with IA4 which I ordered. I had a drive down to the sorting office to pick it up only to find it is still on the van. As the Post Office is shut on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, the earliest opportunity I'll have to pick up the parcel is Monday night after work. That means I've lost my 'reading window' over this weekend. Rats.

This is the thing about ordering stuff online and is one of the reasons I don't get most of my GW stuff delivered. Sure, it's great to get a discount and in theory I might get stuff a few days early but I'm out most of the time when it is delivered so more often than not I have to go and pick up the stuff from the sorting office. The office is nowhere near where I live or work so it's a real hassle to get to and there is no guarantee it'll be there when I go, unless I leave it 48 hours. That means I also lose out on slightly earlier release dates. It's so frustrating that I often prefer to wait until the product is in the shops so I can buy it when it's convenient for me. Ho hum.

Ork bath
Anyway, the first thing I've done today is take my Blood Bowl models out of their Dettol bath and scrape all the paint off. It's worked a treat again and I'd definitely recommend using it if you haven't already done so.

I've now put a trukkload of Orks in the bath. There are several Killer Kanz, a Dread and numerous Nobz. They will be joining the Assault on Black Reach models I've already started to put together.

Destroy the Gargant
I'm now writing up more of my Destroy the Gargant battle reports. You can read about the seventh game here. It's a Cityfight scenario with the Orks and Daemonhunters scrapping for the high ground.

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