Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GENERAL: The battle at the end of the world

If you read the ninth battle report of my Destroy the Gargant campaign yesterday you will have discovered that it was the last game of the campaign. You can read my round-up post here, where I talk about my thoughts on how the campaign went.

And that's it! All of my battle reports have now been ported over to my battle reports blog. The only things to be added to it from now on will be current games, as and when I play them.

As I'm a geeky nerd I may return to my battle reports and work out some stats. How many time have I won? Or lost? How many times have I been crushed by Gary? How many times have I beaten him? What is my win/loss record like with Tau, or Blood Angels, or Daemonhunters? These are all questions that no-one wants answered except me!

Still, I'll only have to calculate the stats once and then keep adding them as I play more games. Maybe I'll add the stats as a column on the battle reports blog. Hmmm...

The good news for this blog is that I will now have more time to dedicate to other things, like painting, modelling, reviewing products and maybe working on some background material, instead of editing battle reports.


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  1. I would be interested to see those stats mate. I've got an army page I created for each team/gang/army I have where I track all kinds of stats. Kinda surprised actually at how little comments they get.