Sunday, August 30, 2009

GENERAL: My head is spinning

I feel like I am spinning a lot of plates at the moment, even though I've already dropped a couple. Although I have finished painting my Blood Angels for the moment, and I've finished re-writing my battle reports, I am busier than ever on the gaming front.

I have 36 eBay auctions running at the moment. Once they have been packaged up and posted I'll have some space to start putting my extensive Planetstrike terrain together.

While I was waiting for the auctions to finish I decided to start pulling my Ork army together. This included clipping the Assault on Black Reach Orks from their sprues and stripping my old Orks of paint. I need to scrape all the mould lines off and glue them together to see what actual models I have. I'm sorely tempted to assemble and base the entire 1500 point army before I even put any paint on them. If I do, it'll be the first time I've ever built an army this way and I'll be interested to see if it feels any different.

I also started painting my Mighty Empires tiles. I bought this campaign system when it was release but it has languished on the shelf for months as I have never returned to Warhammer Fantasy Battle. With the recent release of Planetary Empires I dug out the box. As the two sets are compatible I decided to paint them all in the same colour scheme so I could use them as one big map if I wanted. I'll post pictures of my progress as I go.

Space Hulk is also on the horizon. I'll want to paint the models for that, especially the Blood Angels Terminators which I'll try to squeeze into my 40k army.

Not only that but I have my Aeronautica Imperialis planes crying out to me as I walk past their box every day. It wouldn't take much effort to paint up my Imperial Navy and Ork planes to be able to play this game so I might try and finish them before I start painting my 40k Orks in earnest.

When I think about all that lot I feel overwhelmed.

This is fun, right?

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